What makes an excellent preschool?  Is it the curriculum, the facilities, the teachers, the instructional methods, the scaffolding from one grade/age to the next, the leadership? Having been involved in Christ-centered education for over 27 years, I have seen the best of all those facets of schooling. RDS offers families a depth that can only be seen if one draws back the curtain.
In Christ-centered education there are principles or standards that are a must: teacher directed instruction, teachers who are mature in their faith-walk and who continue to be teachable; teachers who desire to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit; teachers who see their work as a calling, and who collaborate together for His glory. We must have teachers whose hearts long to see little ones come to know the Lord and walk in His ways; teachers who have seen the power of our risen Savior work in their own lives and in the lives of their families; teachers who are quick to listen and slow to speak; teachers who know God’s Word and are committed to obeying It; teachers who know and believe in the power of prayer. This, I see at Redeemer.
The hiring of the faculty is the most important work of the leader of an academic institution – whether preschool, high school, or university. Everything flows from the leader; those things impact her staff and the families she serves. That’s the key: she is here to serve her staff and her families. While I know Miss Jenny will be missed as she was RDS’s founding director and such a beloved leader for almost eight years, I also know Miss Kerri will carry the baton with humility, great academic acumen, a servant’s heart, and Christ’s love for this community! This, I see at Redeemer.
A spiritually and emotionally mature teacher incorporates her biblical worldview into her classroom and from that, all else emanates. The daily routine of a structured opening to the school day through flag salutes, songs, Bible reading and prayer reflects an orderliness that mimics how God orders His creation. The manner in which she sees how children interact with one another, ensuring first-time obedience, delighting in seeing kindness, thoughtfulness, truthfulness and so forth all speak to a culture that is nurturing a child’s well-rounded development. This, I see at Redeemer.
At RDS the child is understood from the 2 year-old to the 5/6 year-old. While academic skills scaffold from one age to the next, the understanding of each child’s emotional, academic, social, and spiritual growth process is akin to understanding how God uniquely designs each little child. Teachers, who see children as being made in the image of God with developmental milestones that cannot be rushed, provide patience and understanding, love and encouragement.  Parents, you receive this gift of their knowledge as well. This, I see at Redeemer.
With the culmination of nearly 150 combined years of teaching, the centrality of excellence and depth of spiritual maturity is what we see when we look behind the curtain. There is a special-ness here. From the governance Board and director-leader to classroom teachers, from special teachers to teaching assistants, united at the core is a ‘family’ of Believers who love the Lord, love children, and love fulfilling God’s calling on their lives. I wish I had a grandchild whom I could drop off here!