What is the mission of Redeemer Day School?

To provide a Christ-centered, teacher directed, academically challenging school for Atlanta’s children while mentoring parents in Christ-centered child rearing.

Is Redeemer Day School a Covenant School?

Redeemer Day School is an evangelical school, not a covenant school, that accepts children and families regardless of their religious affiliation. Nonetheless, we are a Christ-centered school, which integrates Christ and the teachings of the Bible throughout our day-to-day activities.

Who started Redeemer Day School?

In the spring of 2014, several preschool teachers from The Heiskell School (which closed in May 2014 after 65 years) and a small group of parents explored the idea of growing a new preschool with a Christ-centered, academically challenging, teacher directed program. This group, through a process of prayer and extensive research, decided to form Redeemer Day School.

Why is Redeemer Day School located at The Church of The Apostles?

During the group’s search for a location, it was discovered that a group of men at The Church of The Apostles had been praying for a preschool to form at their church — a preschool that is established and grounded in the Lord’s Word. Through discussions it was found that locating the preschool at The Church of The Apostles would be mutually beneficial. Redeemer Day School has been so blessed by our Lord during this journey!

What are the hours of Redeemer Day School?

The regular day is from 8:50 a.m. (morning drop-off) to 12:20 p.m. (afternoon pick-up). If needed, students can be dropped off as early as 8:20 a.m.


Does Redeemer Day School allow children to start school mid-year, or do they need to start at the beginning of the school year?

A child may begin after the start of the school year if space is available in the class. Since we are an academic preschool, children who are applying for Pre-Kindergarten or Kindergarten will need to complete an observation before determining placement to be sure they can successfully integrate into the class for which they are applying.

If we want to come to Redeemer Day School and there is room in a class, is my child guaranteed a spot?

Every interested family must complete the admissions process, which includes a parent interview. Likewise, the child must meet the developmental and/or academic milestones required for the class. For example, each child admitted to the Busy Bees class (our 2-year-old program) must be potty trained on the first day of class. For our Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten classes, students must complete an observation session prior to acceptance. The observation ensures that we place a student in a class where he or she can be successful.

Why do children entering the two-year-old class need to be potty trained?
It seems very early for some children.

Children entering the two-year-old program are required to be potty trained so that the time in the classroom can be spent on academics and other developmental activities, rather than diaper changing. We have found that most two-year-olds can be successfully potty trained. Families are encouraged to apply their child if they are committed to potty training prior to September of the year upon for which they would be entering. Please note that Redeemer Day School will accept children after the start of the school year once they are successfully potty trained, as long as space is available.

My child has a learning and/or developmental disability.
Is Redeemer Day School a good fit for my child?

Redeemer Day School is likely not a good fit for a child with a severe learning and/or developmental disability. The academic pace and rigor at Redeemer Day School is high, and we want children to have a good preschool experience, where they can be successful in the classroom and alongside their peers. If you have a question about your child, please contact the school directly to discuss.

Are uniforms worn at Redeemer Day School?

Yes, we require uniforms. We have found that students are ready to focus and start the “school day” when in uniform. Parents have shared that they appreciate the ease of uniforms, particularly in light of the busy mornings, and have also indicated that uniforms cost less than regular clothes.

Do I need to provide school supplies for my child?

The majority of school supplies (i.e., book bag, crayons, pencils, paper, workbooks, etc.) are provided by Redeemer Day School and included in the cost of tuition. During the first week of school, each family will need to provide (for each child in attendance) an “emergency kit”. The “emergency kit” includes supplies your child will need if, for some reason, your child is unable to be picked up from school (e.g., inclement weather). More information on the emergency kit and classroom supplies will be shared with parents before the start of the school year.

Note that for younger children (2s and 3s), it is a good idea to keep a change of clothing in their school bag in case of an accident. These can be play clothes rather than an extra uniform.

Does Redeemer Day School offer financial aid?

Redeemer Day School will only be able to provide financial aid to families showing need who work full-time in Christian ministry and only if funds are available.

As a parent, am I required to participate in the preschool?
If so, in what capacity?

At Redeemer Day School, we welcome parent involvement. For busy parents, we have the opportunity for you to contribute through occasional classroom parties and/or school events. Some opportunities are offered on weekends or evenings to accommodate working parents (i.e., our ice cream social, parent-teacher fellowship, cocoa and caroling, etc.). For parents that would like to be more involved, we have volunteer opportunities during the school day, both in the classroom as well as assisting in the administrative support duties of the school. As a core value, we believe in mentoring parents as they volunteer alongside us.

What are Redeemer Day School’s values?

Our core values include being Christ-centered, providing our children with an academically challenging environment, having teacher led classrooms, and providing mentoring relationships to our families. More on our Values, as well as our school verses, can be found in the Mission, Values, Verses section of the “About Us” tab.