Redeemer Day School students are required to wear uniforms each school day. We have found that students are ready to focus and start the “school day” when in uniform.  Parents have shared that they appreciate the ease of uniforms, particularly in light of the busy mornings, and have also indicated that uniforms cost less than regular clothes. Our primary vendor for uniforms is now Educational Outfitters. You may shop in their store or online.


Please click on the icon to download the RDS Uniform Requirements.

Used Uniform Store


Redeemer Day School maintains a used uniform store where parents can purchase used uniform items at a discount. Below is a price list and availability. If you are interested in trying on or purchasing items, please contact Miss Jenny at jkwon@redeemerdayschool.org.


  • Boy’s Pants ($6.00 each)                                 
  • Boy’s Shorts ($5.00 each)                               
  • Boy’s Long Sleeve Polos ($5.00 each)        
  • Boy’s Short Sleeve Polos ($5.00 each)     
  • Boy’s Sweater ($10.00 each)                          
  • Unisex Fleece ($10.00 each)                         
  • Girl’s Dresses ($10.00 each)                          
  • Girl’s Sweater ($10.00 each)                         
  • Girl’s Assorted Bloomers, Monkey Bar Shorts, Tights, Shoes, Etc.  ($2.00 each)
  • Assorted Shoes   ($2.00 per pair)