Mentoring Moment

By: Jeannie Brostrand, Director of Parent Mentoring


You are God’s Ambassador

Recently, one of my friend’s became a first-time grandmother. Looking at the adorable baby photo, it is hard to imagine that precious infant has a heart bent toward sin. But she does. That is the truth of God’s Word. We are ALL born IN Adam, IN sin. The expression of...

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The Coming of Our Savior’s Birth

As we turn our hearts toward Christmas, I am sure you are in full swing with either finding the correctly-sized evergreen tree or finding yours in storage and unveiling it to see if the lights still work! Whichever the case, making memories with your children around...

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Trimming Back the Holiday Hustle & Bustle

I thought we would get ahead of your holiday schedule and use two words to do so: intentional planning. Before you know it, your calendars will be filled with commitments that are made by default, and your joy will evaporate. So…let’s take back our holiday calendars...

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Giving Thanks

A body of research confirms that adults and youngsters who report an attitude of gratitude are more content, more helpful to others, healthier, more joyful, and are less envious, materialistic, and less likely to be depressed. Is Thanksgiving Day an American holiday,...

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Reading Aloud to Your Children Part 2

“A 1985 report by the National Commission on Reading declared that reading aloud is the single most important contribution that parents can make toward their child’s success in school.”  Let’s take that one step further and declare that reading aloud also builds good...

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Why Should I Read Aloud to my Child?

I know you know the importance of reading to your preschooler, but do you know WHY it is so important? With some tips from Jim Trelease, the author of The Read-Aloud Handbook, and from my years of teaching and working with children, I would like to explain the WHY of...

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