Mentoring Moment

By: Jeannie Brostrand, Director of Parent Mentoring


Invite Jesus into Your Pre-Christmas Plans

At any given time when our children were growing up, we had a menagerie of pets at our house. Throughout the years we had a dog, cat, guinea pig, hamster, goldfish and bird. The only one that we actually purchased was our dearly beloved Golden Retriever, Daisy.  Our...

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Pansies and Parenting

I recently stopped by Home Depot to purchase some pansies. Upon returning home, I searched how to properly plant them in the fall. Throughout my search,  I came across an article stating that plants need seven things: room to grow, the right temperature, light,...

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Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes- a Preschool Must

I stopped by RDS on nursery rhyme dress-up day to see your cuties in their adorable costumes! Did you think the days of those nursery rhymes had come and gone? Were they a part of your preschool years…oh how I hope they were! So what is the benefit of reading nursery...

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Unless the Lord Builds the House….

This summer, I was listening to a podcast by Focus on the Family. On the podcast, Gary Bauer and James Dobson were discussing a book they had co-authored. It was entitled Children at Risk, Winning the Battle for the Hearts and Minds of Your Children, copyright date...

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Shepherding the Heart Takes Time

I believe one of the most important biblical principles we can teach our children is learning the importance of coming under parental authority. Submitting to authority will serve one well for a life time. What (or should I say Who) is the authority in your life? Have...

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Children Love Repetition and Routine!

C.K. Chesterton says, “Because children have abounding vitality, and because they are in spirit fierce and free, therefore they want things repeated and unchanged.”  This speaks to routine and consistency.  Children thrive on both.  Routine builds security into a...

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